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Wow armory page not updating

Gear that focuses on these stats should be the kind of gear you’re looking for.

The large amount of points in Combat allow you to pick up the haste from Lightning reflexes, which you’ll be adding to via gems.

Haste and Attack power are the best stats for this build.

It requires that you use two daggers, and have Instant Poison on your main hand / Deadly Poison on your off hand at all times.

There’s really no talented utility in this build, as it is designed for 100% pure single target DPS.

This will cause your Deadly Poison to proc more often, which will in turn increase your Instant Poison procs.

Additionally, this means more white damage, and more Energy from Focused Attacks.

Subtlety (7) A 40% chance to get free energy every time you use a 5 point finisher and a 32% chance with a 4 point finisher.

– How to: Play the Assassination Spec – The Assassination is fairly simple to play, but here are two fundamental rules. Refresh Hunger for Blood when necessary and if you’ve got the two piece tier 10 set bonus, find someone to cast Tricks of the Trade on when it’s up.

When killing trash, it’s generally available on every pull, and on bosses, you can use Vanish offensively to activate it multiple times in a fight.

Tier 8 You can’t be a true Assassination Rogue without taking this talent, as the tree is really built around it now.

If you go that route, take these two points and place them elsewhere in the tree.