Start Computer keeps updating wrong time

Computer keeps updating wrong time

These database waypoints are discussed in the chapter on databases. On most unit they must be no more than 6 characters long and contain no spaces but can contain any combination of letters and numbers and some punctuation.

The accuracy of a particular fix is dependent on a number of factors.

For example if the satellite geometry is poor the solution will be inaccurate.

For example naming a waypoint to 001 explicitly will cause the next automatic number to be 002 unless this is in use.

It will automatically increment until it finds an empty number.

You simply hit the MARK key, on the G-III, etrex, 76, and emap press and hold the ENTER key, and the waypoint entry form will appear.

The location you were at the moment you pressed the button is already saved in the waypoint information on the form so even if you are traveling at 65 miles per hour down the freeway you can reliably capture a single point with the press of the button.

Garmin receivers have differing capabilities in the number of waypoints that they can save.

The earliest units could save 250 waypoints while later models can store up to 500. In addition some units have additional waypoints that are stored in an internal database.

This will store a special waypoint at your current location named MOB and will automatically start the navigation features of the unit to aid you in navigating back to that point.

A position marked in this way is designed as a safety feature for boat use when someone might actually fall overboard.

Some folks assign a waypoint to a high number to force a block of numbers to be sequential for a particular use.