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China dating scammers

I don’t think that’s entirely true, and I do think there were some things he could have done to at least lessen the damages (or mitigate them as we lawyers like to say), but overall the people whose photos are stolen and used by Scammers are the biggest victims of all, and Paul1968 was one of them.

We here at CLM, and I personally, wish to apologize to Paul1967 for any added suffering he’s incurred by our actions.

We wish he had not suffered any additional embarrassment here on CLM, but he has.

There were 6 Facebook memberships alone under 6 different names.

That alone would have been sufficient for us to conclude he couldn’t be trusted and must be a Scammer, and it would have been enough for us to place him in Scammer Prison and send out notices to the Chinese women members he’d been in contact with that he could not be trusted.

We responded the same way here – we offered to have a video chat and if he proved to be the person in his photos and could answer some questions to explain the problems we were having.

That’s usually the last we hear from them, but in this case Paul1967 was quick to take us up on our offer, and he provided a Skype name for me to contact.

Generally though, where there is no initiating complaint of actual scamming filed by a member, and no evidence of actual attempts to con someone out of money, we will message the convicted Scammer and offer him or her the chance for a video chat and interview to see if we should relent.

We did that in this case and received a fairly quick response.

Even then, I assumed that when the time came he’d be a no show, and that I’d be wasting my time.

I wrote and advised we had a few more items to look at in our investigation and asked if he could offer anyone we could talk to that could verify he wasn’t scamming on our site.

At least 50% of all the Scammers we’ve put in Scammer Prison have written to angrily complain, to claim they’re innocent and to threaten us with punitive action if we don’t retract our conviction and publicly apologize.