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Brainiac dating

Casting Call for ABC’s “Match Game” Hosted by Alec Baldwin ABC is reviving the iconic game show “Match Game” and you have a chance to compete on the show!

“Do you think of yourself as more detail-oriented or more big-picture? ” “Do you have any of the following psychiatric diagnoses? ” “How concerned are you about bioterrorism as a threat to humanity? Some means: Age: 30.6 IQ: 138.5 SAT out of 1600: 1471.9 SAT out of 2400: 2218.68 (Congratulations to the person who got a 1650 on their SAT/1600, and the person who got a 2450 on their SAT/2400.

How to Apply If you want to apply to the show, you can fill out the application on the Match Game casting website at

They are moving quickly, so apply right away if you would like to be considered!

Back in January I asked you to take the SSC survey. If you want to see the actual questions (some of which are long) you can read them on the survey here. ” “How do you interpret the sentence ‘I have read this book and much like it’?

Below are some summaries of answers, alongside paraphrases of the relevant questions to jog your memory. ” “Are you bothered by scratchy tags on your clothing?

” “Do you prefer monogamous or polyamorous relationships? ” “What is your opinion on the recent policy of requiring all commenters to register accounts?

” “What is the highest level of education you completed? ” “How many of the 750 or so Slate Star Codex posts have you read? ” “If you are an American, what party are you registered with? ” “What is your opinion on the level of identity politics discussion in the comments?

The player with the most matches at the end of two rounds goes on to play the big money Super Match where they could win up to $25,000! What They Are Looking For Applicants must be 21 Legal Resident of the United States Casting directors are looking for people with clever and charismatic personalities who have a great sense of humor to play the ultimate version of “fill-in-the-blank”.