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From the satellite views, we can see that I-10 is submerged. But the building roofs are visible, so the flood didn’t reach that high. Print | Send To A Friend | Permalink (Learn More) Saturday, September 03, 2005 Telephone numbers for rescue pm Story: If someone is lost or trapped – call the coastguard: 2 2 2 2 3 – press 0 for operator 3 – press 0 for operator 3 – press 0 for operator 1 8 IN LOUISIANA, Louisiana State Police: (225) 922-0325 (225) 922-0332 (225) 922-0333 (225) 922-0334 (225) 922-0335 (225) 922-0341 (225) 925-7398 IN MISSISSIPPI, Call the State EOC at (601) 360-0054 IN ALABAMA, or To inquire about family and friends that did not evacuate the Greater New Orleans area contact the American Red Cross at the following number: (866) 438-4636 Police Command Center (EMERGENCY ONLY !!!!

Name: Donna Maurillo Home: 831-234-4009 Email: [email protected]: My Hurricane Story — Trapped in Frenchman’s Wharf Apartments?

Story: Ed Van Auken, a resident of the Frenchman’s Wharf apartment complex, had been emailing me Sunday night.

In the days following it, my family was glued to the TV and online coverage.

I was keeping up with the forums as people were using it as a bulletin board to locate friends and relatives and to make announcements regarding services. The formatting hasn’t survived the transfer to Word Press but the words are still there.

How in America can a week later, patients in the care of a hospital be lost?

We can locate criminals with tracking bracelets, find stolen cars with Lo Jack, and Identify stollen live stock with planted chips; Yet Chalmette Medical can not locate patients in their care. Chalmette has failed their patients,their community and the patients loved ones.

[email protected] [email protected] | Send To A Friend | Permalink (Learn More) Eldery citizens need rescue pm Name: Valda Williams Home: 720-858-8121 Email: [email protected]: My Hurricane Story — Looking for two elderly aunts and one elderly uncle Story: Dothy Burns from 2037 Louisiana Ave.

She is 95 yrs of age, very frail, she is about 5’7″, mingle gray hair and needs assistance immediatly.

My uncle was told that a social worker had not signed Kathryn’s paper work. The Chalmette Medical website hurricane information is updated with workers pay information and nothing to help families locate their loved ones.

My aunt is 81 years of age and needs dialysis treatment.

Alba Trejo, lives on 510 Farmington Place in Terrytown (near Terrytown Parkway). We have lost our homes but nine house hold members have survived Katrina-safe in Lecompte but we are moving on to Knoxville, Tennessee.