Start Han hyo joo dating jaejoong

Han hyo joo dating jaejoong

Previous dramas didn't really do justice to his talent. I hope we will see him in more dramas where he can live up to his potential. Time enjoying your birth parents is time not wasted. I think it would be hard to live your life somedays.... But forget they are real people with hopes, dreams, good days and bad days. Kim Jae Joong has the best and most unique voice in Korea and everywhere. Always looking forward to listening to your songs, not to be prejudice but you have the best singing voice. Talented in so many ways, songwriter composer instrumental player, gosh I can go on and on. He, the one who wouldn't share his sadness and his pain because he's afraid that his fans will worry. and fox AND taiga should look up what the psychiatric association has to say about homophobes......i don't think you'll like the answer and deny it applies to you...

with his heavenly voice and sweet smile, how can anybody hate him? while their music, vocals and dance are getting farther different than how kpop used to be.. can't belive this, for the first time i see some one with the same birthday: Day, Month and year as mine.

Lo siento mucho, y si hay una próxima vez, vamos a realmente tener diversión y el trabajo duro …

lo siento, y gracias ~ ^ ^”“No, está bien ^ ^ PD No sé cómo me ha decepcionado con un último adiós, sin siquiera saludar a usted correctamente TT Vamos a tener un montón de tiempo de la diversión al lado nos encontramos!

We love you guys, and if the TV industries would get things right they are missing out on the dollars they can make. I would like to see them do another English album except this time do it as an online or change their style for American audience to an Indy style. Don't you admire and like the person for his/her acting ability and/or singing ability?

My dad could play nine instruments, and composes for his band. He is Kim Jaejoong, the one and only I thin his eyes are just awesome especially when he is made up. I was really hoping that JYJ would break into the American market. Also the record industry and $$ controls main stream music. ...for the rest of you who commented about this in the really like a singer/actor/actress...the hell difference does it make whether the person is gay, straight, or bi.

♡♥ Kim Jaejoong will also release and album on February and Park Yoochun will be releasing his first solo album ‘How Much Love Do You Have In Your Wallet (tentative title)’ on January 18.. Jae is not only a great actor but a singer and performer too. I really wish that sm company will go out of business one day I really swear it til I die Jae Joong oppa, you're amazing as an actor. Do your best and be one of the greatest korean actor ever, and show to SM Ent. saranghae ;) Kim Jaejoong such a very talented young man ..fighting oppa!!

Even though they are already enlisted they left gifts for their fans. Please take care of ur health and don't skip meal in military.a good friends with others.comeback successfully..

Your a great all round actor but I do hope you get a great first lady to be romantic with in a drama or a movie. HAPPY NEW YEAR 2017 (From a fan in Thailand.) I miss u oppa:'(wait for you comeback from millitary! assured that he already got enough rest after coming back, I hope that there'd be a new song and a drama! I feel the sadness with his fans and even himself, but we know you are doing a good job, when duty calls, we are proud of you guys. Two years seems like way too long to have to go without seeing JJ.