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Problems updating mac os with windows

I discuss these techniques and more about my spam strategy in Using a Maybe Spam Mailbox and Reverse Spam Filtering: Winning Without Fighting.

Because of this inconsistency in the interpretation of a Newsgroups header in an email messages, Pine 3.90 and 3.91 users sometimes responded publicly to a message that was sent only by email and intended to be private.

This caused all kinds of flamage to be unleashed on Pine.

For me, non-spam messages are usually pretty small and the very large messages are all spam.

Also, repeats of the same spam message are grouped together and easy to spot and delete.

Unfortunately, many newsreaders, including tin, trn, and nn, include the Newsgroups header in a message that is sent only via email.

Those newsreaders include this header in email for informational purposes only.

For example, Chris Pirillo of Lockergnome had problems accessing and deleting messages in his bloated 30 megabyte INBOX and he was able to solve the problem with Pine: “My system administrator over at Digital Daze told me to check out PC-Pine... It was the only thing I could use to delete all the unwanted messages on Lockergnome's server.” You can read the rest of Chris's Gnome REPORT here or here (search for “ Pine”).

I agree with Chris Pirillo (quoted in the previous section) that Pine is a great tool for cleaning out mailboxes, especially a “catchall” mailbox, which for me contains mostly spam.

In 1995 when people were using Pine 3.90 and 3.91, if an email message contained a Newsgroups header, Pine interpreted this to mean that the message was posted to the newsgroups listed in that header.

If a Pine user replied to this message, Pine asked if she wanted to post her reply to the newsgroup(s).

I sometimes consider switching to Mutt because it allows a user to redefine keys, it has a macro language, it can be run non-interactively so you can use it in a script, it uses an open development model (as opposed to Pine's more closed development model), and it's FLOSS.