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On this occasion, it’s apt to answer all those questions Saudis usually get when the ban comes up: Why is there a ban on women driving? The government arrests and/or punishes not only women who drive but also anyone who attempts to raise this issue.

In my conversations with her, Manal dropped some hints about what she was writing about.

She begins the book with her arrest as a starting point and from there goes back in time to explain everything that changed her into the Saudi woman who dared to drive in 2011.

She eventually brings her biography back to her time in a Saudi prison and the inhumane conditions and forgotten women she witnessed inside.

I thought it might focus more on what happened in 2011 and its aftermath.

In actuality, the book is a shockingly intimate close-up examination of Manal herself.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs insisted that it is a societal ban and not governmental when asked by British journalists in 2007. Even the most extremist interpretations of Islam such as ISIS’s do not ban women from driving.

Even if an Islamic reason is forced, it should not lead to a government ban.

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