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Updating slax

Adding malware this way makes no sense :-)I am not able to replicate this error, so I need your help to find out what particular change fixes it.

If successful, the device updates the local script with the remote source.

You can also store a copy of a particular script at a remote location other than the master source.

This is convenient when, for example, the master source cannot be accessed due to network issues or other problems.

Most of you celebrate something today, so here is a little gift for you :) I've released Slax 9.3 just few minutes ago and I have to say that I am happy with the progress we are making.

Lets recap all the changes since previous stable version: First of all, I've added lots of firmware drivers to support various WIFI devices.

I plan to release update with each minor Debian release, if there are any bugfixes or changes (in Slax) at that moment.

I will update this blog post as I progress through my todo list.

I believe that Debian developers know what they are doing, and I doubt those extensions would be any harmful.