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The kernel also avoids instructions with long latencies that could temporarily block interrupts on some systems.

The modern architecture of INTEGRITY is well suited for multicore processors targeting embedded systems.

INTEGRITY provides complete Asymmetrical Multiprocessing (AMP) and Symmetrical Multiprocessing (SMP) support that is optimized for embedded and real-time use.

Malicious or unintended events can deny access to system resources and keep system processes from running as intended.

When coupled with the advanced multicore debugging features found in the Green Hills MULTI tool suite, developers will reduce their time-to-market while increasing system performance and reliability.

But the INTEGRITY RTOS protects both critical applications and itself from the malfunctions that can lead to these failures.

To do this, INTEGRITY provides guaranteed system resources that ensure that CPU time and memory resources will always be available to individual processes, no matter what any other process attempts to do.

Each platform includes the INTEGRITY RTOS as well as development tools, industry-specific middleware, reference hardware, and documentation.