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Found footage festival video dating

Hilarious curators/hosts Nick Prueher and Joe Pickett show off their amazing, constantly growing collection of bizarre, effed-up, and pants-pissingly funny VHS relics at the Found Footage Festival.

While the concept might seem trite and smug, reminding you of the TV Carnage series by Derrick Beckles (aka Pinky), co-founders Nick Prueher and Joe Pickett insist otherwise.

This Thursday night, at the Bloor Cinema, prepare to immerse yourself in the Found Footage Festival: a “celebration of bad videos,” where the humour is always unintentional and male full-frontal nudity is mandatory, regardless of who may or may not pass out.

I know that I have embarrsssing home videos of myself doing karate moves at twelve.

Nick has one of him singing [Will Smith’s] “Parents Just Don’t Understand” at Disneyland.

Pruher and Pickett quit their jobs to film 2007‘s , which follows “the Amadeus of dirty music,” Larry Pierce, a blue-collar, middle-aged married factory worker in the Midwest, who pens filthy country hits, such as ”She Makes My Peter Stand Up” and “Yeast Infection.” “We were suprised in 2004, when somebody told us to put the clips in front of an audience and it sold out,” Prueher reflects.

“Because of the internet, ironic enjoyment has become so popular.

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VHS tapes may seem like a distant and outdated technology.

I think these videos speak to people.” To confirm this fact, many actors in the videos often come to the shows and reenact their scenes, telling stories and generally making fun of themselves, ironically or not.

For Prueher and Pickett, the Found Footage Festival is just another step in their comedic careers.

In 2004, after 10 years of collecting tapes and three months of watching, reviewing and whittling down the list, they finally had a product to show the public. Found Footage, Prueher and Pickett say, “We had found 90 minutes of needles in a thousand haystacks.”Though the only criteria for a video to be included in the festival are that it be found and unintentionally funny, most of the festival's videos and clips were found on VHS tapes from the '80s and '90s, what Prueher calls “the golden age of VHS.” “You'd buy a bag of cat food back then and it would come with an instructional video on how to take care of your pet,” said Prueher.