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They have a strong tendency to “act like people are supposed to act” when they are put on camera. In this sense, television is the Stepford Village enabler.

Ernst said, “I think he needs to send a stronger On Tuesday’s broadcast of CNN’s “Wolf,” Senator Robert Menendez (D-NJ) stated he finds the phrase “chain migration” “obscene” and “incredibly cruel to those whose ancestors were brought to this country in chains in slavery.” Menendez said, “I find it obscene, On Tuesday’s broadcast of CNN’s “New Day,” co-host Chris Cuomo stated that President Trump “ignored” domestic violence victims “on purpose.” Cuomo said that Trump mentioned the victims of former White House Staff Secretary Rob Porter “by implication of saying, ‘You Tuesday on ABC’s “The View,” while discussing Omarosa Manigault criticizing Vice President Mike Pence, co-host Joy Behar mocked Pence’s faith.

However, Behar ended the segment agreeing with all the hosts if given a choice between Donald Trump and Mike Pence, they would Despite taking shots at Mike Pence over his LGBT views, gay United States Olympic skater Adam Rippon said at a press conference in Pyeongchang, South Korea Tuesday that he did not want his Olympic experience to be about the vice president.

” This is the guiding question they ask themselves. It is always going to be wrong, because every situation is, to some degree, alive, and their answer dictates dead behavior. We need to understand that these extraordinary and stunning and bizarre interviews from Sandy Hook are mirrored in other places.

For example, what are we to say about thousands of soldiers who are duped into a war that had no sane reason to exist in the first place? They are living and breathing and mouthing sentiments that have absolutely nothing to do with the situation in which they have been placed. It is heralded as an opportunity to do service, to protect freedom, but those are gross lies.

He’s told us Tuesday on WBUR Radio’s “Here and Now,” former Pennsylvania Gov.

Ed Rendell (D) said President Donald Trump’s infrastructure plan was a “joke.” Rendell said, “It’s a joke. The American Society of Civil Engineers says to get On Tuesday’s broadcast of “CNN Newsroom,” Senator Joni Ernst (R-IA) stated that President Trump “needs to send a stronger message” and “come out a little bit stronger” against domestic violence.

They act as if they have no resource or experience that allows them to contact what they actually are.

As if a wall has been built between what they are and how they are behaving.

On You Tube, clips of Sandy Hook citizens being interviewed reveal astonishing reactions and non-reactions that are light years away from what you would expect to see in the immediate wake of such a tragedy.

You can look for You Tube interview clips featuring “the people of Sandy Hook”: Robbie Parker, the Sotos family, Sally Cox, H Wayne Carver, Gene Rosen, Kaitlin Roig, etc. Parents who are completely grief-stricken, who have fallen apart and are incoherent (which is what you would expect): not interviewed.

I’ve added some new comments: Online investigations of what really happened at Sandy Hook easily number in the thousands by now.