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Time updating

Their responses may be applicable to your situation as well.

I usually consider these conversations as market research to see who’s hiring, what roles and functions are in need, and the average salary range for comparable jobs.

They feel inadequate compared to their peers and think the train has already passed them by.

These feelings of fear can quickly get overwhelming, and the easy way out is often to postpone the job search, to ignore the matter at hand—and to spend more time in a less-than-dream-job.

They’re gripped by fear of re-entering a different job market than the one they last recall.

They have almost forgotten what it’s like to go on interviews.

Worst of all, complacency will eventually lead to fear. I have seen too many smart and talented friends and colleagues who have stayed in just-OK jobs.

When they do decide to move on, they’ve been out of the job market for so long that they can’t even take that first step to update their resume—let alone apply for jobs.

We all get content at times, especially at a job that pays decently well and comes with a good group of co-workers.