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Whether it’s a grey divorce or a breakup when the child is young, it often causes a child to see parents as winners and losers.

His advice has been featured in the New York Times and he has appeared on the Divorce greatly increases the risk of estrangement.

It often creates a fundamental reshaping of alliances and can place parents at risk for greater distance from their children.

Children, especially when they are young, are very vulnerable after divorce.

Next, divorce can also bring new people into a child’s life (new sibling, half sibling, step-parent) and they may feel they have to compete for love, attention, or resources.

When Steve and I walked into the reception, it was like a dream.

Everything looked so magical and we couldn’t get over how beautiful the flowers were. Thank you for making our wedding such a memorable event for us!

Many adult children reject their parents or become more irritable with them as a way to create a boundary with them or to develop immunity to their feelings.

For single mothers who have custody, divorce may intensify an already intense relationship.

Clelian Center's Caregivers' Support Group meets the second Tuesday of each month from -pm. For more information or directions, please call 203-288-4151. If you give to the United Way, either at work or at home, you can designate your donation to come to Clelian Center.

Diana, Thank you so much for the incredible job you did with all the floral arrangements and bouquets at our wedding. Not only are you talented, but you are extremely professional and classy. Diana, Kirk and I wanted to say thank you for doing such a fabulous job with the flowers—the bouquets, the wreaths, the garland, the flower baskets, the petals on the tables. You’ve got my recommendation for “all things floral.” Diana, We really appreciate the amazing work you did on our flowers for the wedding.

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