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Our security measures go far beyond normal background checks, which is why we are proud to have formed an exclusive partnership with the Child Rescue Coalition to check for visitation to known pedophile and child abuse websites.

If you’re tired of falling victim to liars on dating websites, you’re not alone.

Your time and safety are too valuable to meet phonies and pretenders.

I spend 10 days in Odessa where I had rented an apartment close to the seaside with some pretty nice beaches, bars, nightclubs etc.

For me it was more than a holiday, it was an adventure hard to match - so I am going again in a month where the summer has really kicked in.

This company sounds to me like spam, I spent a lot of money talking with the same girl, I put her in prove asking questions and sounds like is not the girls who respond the questions is someone else behind the keyboard who try to make you more question in every letter with the purpose that you keep writing and spending more money in each letter, this is for sure spam and I never recommend this to any friend because if you can note is too good to be true, the girls look like a model and for sure that they not even respond to you or maybe they pay to the girls to keep the customers like stupid spending all their money trying to get one of those girls, so if you are ready to be fool start writing letter to this pictures.

Just out of curiosity I thought I would try a site with Ukrainian ladies as I have a couple of friends who found their wife on international dating sites.

Sveta agreed to come and visit me and she even insisted to pay for her own ticket.

After one week together I have never had such a good time even though her English is only so so. The only minus - a limited number of girls compared to other international dating sites, but I guess with their extensive safety measures it would be hard to keep up with too many girls.

Vali DATE Dating is the first and only secure online dating website that makes your safety a priority, and our matching process will allow you to find your perfect match and be sure that they’re exactly who they claim to be.

Vali DATE Dating was started by three entrepreneurs with a combined 52 years in military, law enforcement, and private investigative backgrounds.

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