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Orthodox dating shomer negia

They defame his accusers as dishonest attention seekers and insist, that at worst, he hugged a few students. She is to be commended for her success in connecting to many former students and getting their accounts.

A frum person is someone who sustains and works towards a traditional Jewish spiritual life.

One former student, who became a whistleblower and brought her case to the Chicago beit din, clearly was tense and spoke quickly when she recounted the rabbi’s alleged sexual advances toward her at the end of the school year. She said she accepted, never considering the possibility of another episode.

“He said he wanted to give me a hug goodbye,” she said. He said he was going to miss me.” She asked him about shomer negiah, the Jewish prohibition against touching members of the opposite sex other than one’s spouse. He responded that he was her “Tatte,” using the Yiddish word for father, and it was OK. But as he was driving her to where she was staying in Brooklyn, he brought up their last encounter.

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“It was weird, but I didn’t say anything,” said the young woman, who is now married. Suddenly, Rabbi Meisels collapsed onto her body, sobbing uncontrollably, she said.

This characterization of flirtatious behavior was heard most often among those interviewed, like always telling them they were pretty. He hugged her from behind, caressing her and kissing her head.

(He is married and has many children.) According to her account, the rabbi pinned her to her seat in the car, she told him to get off of her, and when he didn’t, she screamed and pulled away.