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past Lincoln corner and Southworth street with no ‘wartime’ housing’. ) and metals of all kinds…all were short of supply and the war wasn’t going well. I remember crossing the bridge with my aunt who drove an overhead crane at Atlas. My mother called him “pie face Nelson”, I never found out why.

I still remember the apple cider and the tow out of the ditch with the horses that winter night.

My favorite number later in a few years was 38 ring 6. Out there at Hill Rust north west of Turner’s Corners.

Hornby florist (still there) next to then Garner’s garage? Next to Hornby’s on the corner house (now a 7-11) was P. We used to cut across the tracks there to Patterson Ave go to Empire school. When a horse delivery wagon ran wild on Myrtle Ave. When a building under construction collapsed at Atlas (newly built war time machine shop) and we in school worried about our family members working there. Sayles garage and watched lightning ‘play’ on the barns lighting rods. She who gave me a Xerox of a sketch when I visited her years and years later before the fire. Hamilton & Ferguson Grocery at the corner of River Road always gave credit. ) Tarzan feature, Belcastro’s shoe repair and the nearby John R. I first saw Kipling’s Jungle book with Sabu from that balcony, twelve cents! The Dexter hotel cross the street( I helped dad do some plastering there.), C. Robins shoe store where I worked after school and learned how he got rich .what he paid, and Ross Stores on the corner at the bridge. The March of Dimes for instance had a line down the sidewalk where donations -coins were placed and stayed for the charity. Diving off the wall or riding bikes off the wall into the canal at the pier. Diving off the fence on the wood bridge..showing off for anyone that stopped to watch or just for fun. The Olympia and 35 cent hot beef, 10 cent pie 5 cents more ala mode and 5 cents for milk.

The east side Welland’s Dairy at the end of Major street, with a very large milk bottle on the roof and some sort of gun target range at the corner where Major street was the end of the initial ‘Atlas Steels’, near Major-Patterson- corner area. ) delivered ice blocks to our house in the then called Orchard Grove near the north end of River Road (Almond Street.) White’s farm where we stood in Rev. She who once had me capture a fish eating turtle from her fish pond. Mc Dermott’s Confectionery with Bill or Loretta from Port Robinson selling us Superman comics. (that’s a joke son.) I remember picking up coal along the nearby RR tracks to burn in our family stove . Hard to wash up then before school until the coal stove flared and the ever present kettle boiled. The Fortner House so impressive on the corner of Burger. Down Burger to Division street and Somerville’s or to the best carpenter shop guys in business, on Alexander. Up to Burger Park and Sal ‘The Barber’ Maglie played ball pitching for the Atlas Steel team along with Wallace, Buntrok, Cam Picard and cigar, Bill Sherk catching and others with Tommy Jones behind the plate as ump. ), Patterson’s Furniture, the Park Theater, opening a (? to the corner Woolworth’s, (and I still owe them eight cents for a lead soldier that apparently jumped into my pocket when I was buying ‘Big-Little Books’.) Across the street again the good old Capitol Theater balcony and all. Johnny Kaye (Insurance) and his wife oft times drove us. ) water rushing through the open pipe below the wooden bridge to places unknown..likely the river before Merrit Island at the Aqueduct.

(#7 ), Chernish lived next door , Youngs, little Bobby.

Robinson was teaching me grade one at Memorial School and I walked from Southworth street. behind the stores, across the other still existing bridge, past Bitner’s tea room and all the way to the Triangle (Lee’s) restaurant.

There was a mandatory dinner break, “last call, lights flashed’ no more suds served for a couple of hours. Things now gone like Central school, the high walled Main Street Jail yard , horse drawn delivery wagons – bread, ice- milk, slowing the motorized vehicles, manure on the street collected for your rose garden, the old city hall on Division and King.