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It may seem crude to think of dating in marketing terms, but there’s a simile here: your profile should be a bit like a window display.

The company strives to make what could be a frustrating process easy and simple.

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In other words, it makes sense to look for love on the web.

To help our female members do just that, we created some online dating tips for women; guidelines to help make the most of the Elite Singles adventure (and, who knows, maybe the men can pick up a tip or two as well! Funny, smart, educated, successful – but how can any potential dates know all that unless you are prepared to put yourself out there?

One of the ways you can get the most success from your ‘window display’ is to be authentic in your online interactions.

While some statistics seem to suggest that following a formula is the best to way to ramp up interest, this doesn’t really tell the whole story.

Online dating has created a brave new world for single women in search of love.

Indeed, the functionality of the web gives singles the ability to look for a partner using specific criteria (and to screen those who don’t fit the bill) – which means that there is a very good chance of finding someone truly compatible online.

If someone interesting sounding pops up as one of your suggestions then why not be the first to get in touch?

After all, there’s a good chance they simply may not have seen your profile yet, so waiting on them could result in a missed opportunity.

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